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Response: Reviving Your Family Reunion

Hi Mike,

I just read your wonderful column on family reunions.

A client has written to me asking how to handle potential problems during a forthcoming reunion (specifically, relatives who don't watch their language and topics of conversation around her small daughter).

Can you recommend a good web site and/or article for preventing a repetition of past problems during reunions with relatives? Or do you have any specific suggestions for her?

Thank you,

Jan Hunt, M.Sc., Director The Natural Child Project (nonprofit) http://www.naturalchild.com/



I don't have any ideas at the present, but I'll post this and see if anyone else does. How about it? Anyone have some advice for Jan's client?


October 22, '99

My name is Robyn & I'm initiator & planner of an extended family reunion that will include a lot of near and not so near relatives in Riverton, WY in July or Aug 2000.

I've never tackled such a project before & this just kind of got dropped in my lap because I suggested such a gathering. I don't know what I'm doing but am searchng the net for help.

I've contacted members of the main branches of 3 families who were once intimately connected in Riverton & those relations have agreed to help. But in asking opinions on what dates & how long we should hold it, I'm getting a very wide variety of opinions. I know whatever date is chosen will not please everyone who wants to attend but I'm reluctant to arbitrarilly select the dates in coordination with the Riverton Chamber. Sshould I just go ahead & do it & let all those who want to attend do it if they're able? I'm bound to make some relatives unhappy.

also, Riverton is a small town & facilities are somewhat limited. I'm afraid of just "doing with whatever resourses we have will not make for a successful reunion.

I'll appreciate suggestions.


Hi Robyn. I don't have any thoughts off the top of my head, but I'll post this message on my reunion article discussion page and see if anyone else does.

BTW, I've been to Riverton, a beautiful spot.


December 25, 2000

I am now one of the elders of our Bellah reunion, but I can remember when I was one of the youngest.  My children are attempting to keep it together, but it becomes more difficult as there are always so many new surnames and fewer and fewer Bellah surnames.  Maybe we just did not have enough Bellahs.  I certainly do miss those simple reunions when we just went to the Puluski river and played in a simple raft. Sit and talked and played cards and dominos.  Do you really think those reunions can return or is it that they have not changed but that I am now great grandfather and grandfather. Thanks for the suggestions. I intend to send these on to my children.


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