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Response: The Reverse Cinderella Syndrome

I enjoyed reading this week's column on the Reversed Cinderella Syndrome--one valuable thought I must contribute:

I was raised on the Walt Disney movies, the typical ones where the man rescues the woman, or the lady in distress, and I grew up even believing that someday a man would improve the quality of my life, as per those films, and when my love relationships failed, I learned NOT to depend on a man for my own happiness. It's true that I would LOVE a future husband, but he must be one that lets me be me and he must appreciate me for who I am, not what HE wants me to be. For now, I must look to MYSELF to make me happy, but I am ANGRY at Disney for "deluding" me into believing those films!!! My family should also have warned me that life is NOT like the fairy tale films. My father should have sat down with me and told me that men do not plan to "rescue" women. So I grew up very confused and of course later, sorely very disappointed and very upset. I also am dealing with another breakup, but this one was the WORST of my whole life. I am focusing on my career transitions to help with coping with the major disappointment of this break up. That is what I should do and that was what I was working on BEFORE I met Mark. So, this year has been "hellish" to say the least...very hard on me. Anyway, I would like Disney to know that they MESSED me if you can write to Disney and tell them to STOP deluding the poor little girls (I was one of them, 30 years ago!) into believing that men love to rescue women (they don't even THINK of that, they think of getting sex and money!!!! They don't even think of long term commitments, happiness, family...).

Thank you, Martha at

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