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Listed below (on the left) are more of my columns. They are yours to read, free of charge. Consider them a gift from one midlife journeyer to another.

Also, as of October 2010, I've started putting up blogs, which I have written in more recent days. Listed in the right hand column, the blogs are shorter and the topics are random, but I think you'll enjoy them.

So, I'm glad you're here; I hope you enjoy my pieces, and be sure to tell a friend about Best Years.

Check out Mike's favorites: ***

Or Reader favorites: *****


The Addiction of Midlife Affairs*****

Advice to Grandkids

Our Alaskan Trip***


Are You a Politically Correct Midlifer?

Aristotle's Golden Mean of Midlife

The Autumn of Our Years

A Baby Boomer Quiz

A Baby Boomer Quiz, Part II

Baby Boomer Rock

Back to School*****

Barbie at 50

Bellah's Three Laws of the Lotto***

Booming into Midlife: a Review

A Broken Window***

Busyness: A Second Look

Career Changes

Changing with Change

Christmas in July

Confessions of a Midlife Mommy

Confessions of an Old Tuba Player***

Dave Barry Turns 50: A Review

In Defense of the Midlife Crisis*****


The Elijah Complex

To Erma Bombeck on Mothers' Day*****

Everything I Ever Needed to Know in Life I Learned in Boy Scouts*****

Everybody Else***

The Expectation Effect

Father of the Groom***

Finally Ready for Y2K

Five Famous Last Words for Midlifers

Five Years of Midlife Moments

Generation X: A Promising Generation

A Ghost Story***

A Horse for Every Boy and Girl***

A Grandparent's Advice to Parents

Hanging Out with the Bellah Brothers

Happy 30th***

Happy Mothers' Day

He Lived His Dream

He's Never Stopped Learning

I Believe in You, Santa***

I Wish Life Was Like the "Andy Griffith Show"*****

Identifying Your Midlife Passion

If I Could Live Life Over

I'm Becoming a Grumpy Old Man

I'm a Truck Driver's Dad

In Praise of the Impractical***

It's Her One Time Around

It's How You Play the Game*****

It's Never Too Late

Jump-Starting Your Creativity

Junior Boys' Slalom Champion

Laughter, Still the Best Medicine

Learning to Trust

Let's Play*****

Letting Go

Life Begins at 60

Life's Great Unanswered Questions

Life's Inbetweens

Longing for the Good Ol' Days***

Lost in the Palo Duro

Love is the Answer

Making Marriages Last

Memories of Summer Camp***

Messy Mangers***

Midlife Adventures

Midlife Dads

Midlife Depression or the Elijah Complex

Midlife Funnies

A Midlife Getaway*****

Midlife Heroes of the Bible

Midlife, Single, and Full of Life

The Most Important Christmas Message

The Mountain That Refused to Move

Murphy Was a Midlifer

My First Bicycle***

My Qualifications

My Sister, My Advocate***

The Myth of Beautiful People

The Myth of Making It

The Myth of Normalcy*****

The New Materialism

The New Middle Years

New Years '99

New Years' 2000

No Laughing Matter: Dave Block Looks at Male Menopause


Odds and Ends

An Open Letter to Teens*****

On Celebrating My 50th Birthday***

Our Desires Are Too Weak***

Overcoming Midlife Affairs

Overcoming Shame

The Perils of Perfectionism***

Portrait of a Midlife Discoverer

The Power of Words*****

Recapturing Leisure

Recording Your Soul's Journey*****

Recovering the Pan Within*****

Reinventing Yourself

Remembering the Old Neighborhood***

Remodeling Is Messy Work

The Reverse Cinderella Syndrome

Reviving Your Family Reunion

Reviving Your Imagination

The Road Not Taken

In Search of a Christmas Tree***

Second Chances

She Built a New Dream

She Helped Give Us Thanksgiving

She's Freer than Most of Us

She's Sharing Her Stories

She Sings Baby Boomer Jazz

She's Still on Her Feet

The Summer of 1958***

Staying Put in Your Job

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Surviving the Midlife Crisis*****

Tales of Restyling

Thanksgiving '98

That's What Friends Are For

There's Life after Failure

There's Life after 40

There's Light at the End of the Tunnel

There's No Place Like Home***

They Excelled in Their 50s

Things that Blind Us

A Time for Vibrancy

To the Class of '97

To Uncle John and Aunt Betty: A Tribute

Top 10 Ways to Tell if Your Friend Is Having a Midlife Crisis

The Toughest Man I Ever Met***

Turning 40, Turning 50

Urgent or Important

Valentine Surprises

The Walls We Hide Behind

Walking, A Passion Worth Pursuing

Warnings and Disclaimers

The We Generation

Welcome to the Texas Panhandle, Oprah

What Our Parents Never Told Us

When Less Is More

When Teens Rebel***

Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

The X Club

You Know You're Midlife When

Your Life Can Be a Do-over


Writing is Lonely Business

The Somewhat Neurotic Diary of a Somewhat Neurotic Writer

While Sitting in Front of the Fireplace

The Day after Christmas

The Golfing Buddy Effect

Grief that Feels like Guilt

Needed: A Personal Encourager

A Writer's Passion

Davy Crockett Died Last Week

Me? Jealous? A Guest Post from The Green-Eyed Monster

Blessed Are the Worriers

Best April Fools' Prank Ever

Sunrises Give Me Hope



How to Relocate a Rattler

Waiting Is a Vote for the Future

Everyone Needs a Cousin

How Hard Can It Be?

Dad Died This Morning

I Cannot Not Write


Holy Ground

Jesus Wept

Show Me a Sign for Good

What Graduation Speakers Don't Tell You

Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp Bah Bomp Bah Bomp

Happy 40th, Janet

Give Me This Mountain


I Love to Laugh

I Write to Know I'm Not Alone

Cognitive Dissonance

On Mentors

A Name Is a Powerful Thing

First Ever, Last Ever, Big Bend Driving Marathon

My Harmonica, My Home

The Blizzard of '57

Grades Are Overrated

The Night I Fought Petey Hacker

Confessions of a Practicing Worrier

The In-Between Day

Unexpected Gifts (a Christmas story)


I'm always adding new columns here so set a bookmark and check back from time to time. Thanks.--Mike
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