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Down-Aging: Discussion

Seemed way to simple. You don't just decide to enjoy a sunset or whatever and it works and then life is great. Could be a place to start.



Simple pleasures?

My spouse and I drove to a nearby small town the other day and walked along main street -- charming and quaint stores. We discovered an old fashioned ice cream shop and got double dips of delicious ice cream for $1.50 each which we polished off sitting at a little round marble topped table straight out of a soda shop from the 50's.

Felt as if we'd taken a mini-vacation.

A friend and I had lunch at a Greek restaurant in our city's "Greektown" -- it was a sunny day, the area is prosperous and immaculate, and the food was delicious. We explored the main street where all the shops and restaurants are located, and stopped into a nearby 100 year old church to look at the architecture and statues, and (since we're religious) to light a candle and pray. For the cost of a lunch I had an experience similar to my European travels.


Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our troubles that we forget what it was like to be a child. "Laughter is the best medicine" they say....I know my problems don't go away just because I find pleasure in something small, but a little laughter sure does make the load seem a little lighter!

And "having fun" can be accomplished in all kinds of ways....we need to make an effort to look for opportunities to have fun when our burdens are the greatest, because if you don't laugh, the only alternative may be to cry!

Besides, who wants a life where there is no fun at all....not me!


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