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Response: The Elijah Complex

January 29, '99


I'm sure we have all been here or at least close at least once in our lives.

I really appreciated this article.



July 2, '99

Dear Mike I came upon your website by accident but I enjoyed it very much. I am turning the big "50" this year and have just recently lost my job. I have felt depressed the past few weeks and been looking at all the "negative" and not the "positive" in my life.. I am a Christian who belives that when God closes a "door" He opens a "window". He never leaves me or forsakes me and it is in His time not ours. Patience is not my virtue right now and of course I want it to be "fixed now". This column made me realize that just because we don't see God working, doesn't mean He isn't. Thanks for that reminder because I needed it today. Also I am not alone because God is always with me but in our humaness we seem to forget that and get caught up in the problem and take our eyes off Jesus. Thanks again. Cathy

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