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I'm Becoming a Grumpy Old Man: Discussion

November 11, '99

What a great column! And don't you just love it when they look at you with glazed eyes and tell you that "the computers are down"? In other words, all those years of learning the three R's are down the tubes because the "oh-so-powerful" computers can't function. And the reasons...? Who knows! They range from acts of nature to lack of training to the glazed look again.

I have had to control myself many times (and should have done so many others) because I have worked with computers and databases for over 15 years now. When they tell me that they cannot possibly find information, or that the computer is not working, or that the database cannot be possibly accessed, I feel like telling them...". Listen, you ....". But, wait, I'm getting grumpy here!

I went the other day to an office supplies store and did not have my store card. Now, I am a regular at this store, with excellent credit, mind you. So, I wanted to make a purchase and this young person comes around and asks for my card. I explained that I did not have it, but could they look me up in the system. Well, the heavens opened, the earth shook...how can we possibly do that! After a lot of strange looks and condescending attitudes, including references to being from a different "generation", I finally gave them a piece of my mind and said..."Look, if I owed you the 200 dollars that I am trying to spend on this purchase, I am sure you would find me in a New York minute! I am sure that database would be available immediately. Now, why don't you get your ___ over there and input my info...blah, blah, blah". Guess! Of course it worked. Then...they were just amazed because computers are not supposed to work like that. ...Another missed opportunity for cardiac arrest, Mike!

Yes, grumpy, whining, nagging, etc...But, enjoying most of my moments these days. And your column certainly helps!


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