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Response: Recovering the Pan Within

November 7, 1997

What I gained from reading this is Passion. Everyone has it, you just need to rekindle it.



I'm going through a career crisis of sorts, having been in two very destructive work environments, and ended up "searching" the web for career change tonight...and grateful I happened on your web site. It's not easy to remember the magic in all of us, our ability to dream and to believe, especially in ourselves. Thanks for the right words at the right time.

-- D. Goetsch

June 7, '99

There´s no book on earth as charming and full of adventures as Peter Pan. It tells about the exclusive kindness of childhood, that most of people lost when growing up. My deepest desire is never never loose this kindness, and be a child of heart forever. I think thats what Barrie wanted us to feel when he wrote this book. _Elena del Moral.

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