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Response: The Summer of 1958

December 4, 2000

Hi Mike, I guess it was a good year (I wasn't born until November of that year so I can only go on what I read and hear from others), but I do know this: Pizza Hut was started in Wichita Kansas not Kansas City like your article states. I know because the original Pizza Hut building (very small) is now on the campus of Wichita State University, and the co-founder of Pizza Hut (Frank Carney) still lives here in Wichita. Also the Pizza Hut headquarters were here until just a few years ago before moving to Dallas (boy was Frank !@#$%^ about that)! Thought you might like to know...Terry

February 27, 2001

I remember the Witch Doctor song from my youth.  I sing the chorus to my kids at bath time, but I don't remember the words to it.  Can you provide the lyrics or a site that I can go to?


Go to http://www.metacrawler.com and type in "my friend the witchdoctor" and see if this takes you to a site.

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