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Response: Memories of Summer Camp

July 26, '99

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the memories (of HFR)...

for some reason "mud football" in the corral in the dark with bright red blood flowing down the mud-brown face of Jay Dolphus punctuated by white eyes and teeth gleaming through in the moonlight...just flashed by!

and the thoughts (of the present and future)...

If a camp isn't possible (available)...why don't you and the archery instructor plan a trip to Australia and we can generate some of our own adventure memories that you can reflect on thirty years from now when you are writing an "elder" years web site???

I'm serious!

His/yours, Gary


Hey Gary (Gary Speckman who served on the first HFR staffs and was instrumental in my spiritual conversion)

Glad you dropped by and caught this article. I do remember the mud football--pleasant memories too.

Maybe we can make the Australia trip someday. Would be fun and I'd like to see a roo in the bush (see I know my Australianese).

Thanks again for writing.


August 16, '99

Hey Speckman, you broke a couple of ribs of mine playing mud football. What a blast. Thanks for investing your time with me a HFR. Kinne Callaway

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