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Response: Uncle John and Aunt Betty, A Tribute

May 24, '99

Thanks for the good memories of the good old days. We all have grown because of Uncle John & Aunt Betty. A Scripture comes to mind when I think of these two servants. 1Thess. 2 : 8 - 13, and how they imparted the Truth to each one of us. They were involved in each one of our lives, sometimes I thought a little to much, but their hearts were sincere. They loved me unconditional as if I was their own son. I thank God for the impact and influence they had on my life. Thank you, Uncle John & Aunt Betty.

Kinne Callaway

P.S. However, it is funny how we remember things. Mike it must be your age or something. What I remember and I am sure my memory is better than yours because I am younger. But I recall, and I know others do to, that you spent most of your time not working, as you said, but talking, meeting,(praying is what you called it) with a girl named Charlotte. I was always taking up the slack so you would look good on rodeo nights. COTTON PICKING get it right.


Kinne--"COTTON PICKING get it right"----Now there's a term I haven't heard in a while ;)


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